Day One or Journey

I’ve been using journey app across platforms as my everyday go to journaling app since the begining of this year. Prior to that, I used Day One app and have been since 2013, though it was only mac & iOS up until recently when they came up with Android app too. For some reason, I find journey UI is much inititive and prettier than Day One across platforms; in particular I quite like web UI of journey. As a result, I tend to keep up with my journaling habit more frequently than before. One advatage though on Day One, I could create mutiple jounals. Not too sure Journey app provides that feature. But then again, I noticed, even though I had created seperate journals for work & personal, more often than not I’ve mostly been journaling in one. I think, I will continue to use journey app for now and see, how will it inspire me to keep up with journaling.

Sumudu @sumudu