Under The Neem Tree

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When I’m at home I come out and spend quite a bit of time under the lovely neem tree in the front yard. It’s my go to place for destressing and relaxation when I’m home. My mind wonders with so many thoughts under the neem tree, though some times I feel it should not be so; instead I should try to live in present and enjoy the moments. Anyway, I got this crazy idea earlier this morning while I was having my coffee under the neem tree, that I should blog about some of those thoughts, at least briefly in the moment. It would not only help me to jot down my thoughts to preserve them for self satisfaction and also inner reward for being able to blog. So, here is the 1st post of I hope, among many that’s going to appear in the space. I wish there is a way I could attach images on iA Writer app on my smartphone to complete this post with a photo of the neem tree!

Sumudu @sumudu